The Communications and Community Engagement Committee (CCE) is excited to announce the launch of PFS, a PNLT initiative that aims to organize free, informal classes and workshops across the neighbourhood!

Parkdale is a neighbourhood rich in knowledge, valuable skills and lived experience, and CCE thinks it is high time we as a community find ways to share these assets with each other—in settings that are fun, engaging and accessible to all! While all PFS programming will reflect the PNLT’s commitment to equity, community-building and social justice, we take inspiration from the global free school movement in affirming instructors full autonomy to organize classes and curricula.

Do you have something you want to share with your community? Want to help organize or promote a new vision of democratic education in your neighbourhood? Click here to learn more about becoming a PFS instructor!
Click here to read the PFS’s Vision and Values.
Stay Tuned for Course Offerings and Other Announcements!