The Communications and Community Engagement Committee (CCE) is excited to announce the launch of the Parkdale Free School, a PNLT initiative that aims to organize free, informal classes and workshops across the neighbourhood!

Parkdale is a neighbourhood rich in knowledge, valuable skills and lived experience, and CCE thinks it is high time our community find ways to share these assets with each other—in settings that are fun, engaging and accessible to all!

While all PFS programming will reflect the PNLT’s commitment to equity, community-building and social justice, we take inspiration from the global free school movement in affirming instructors full autonomy to organize classes and curricula. Learn more about the organizing team here.

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PFS Course Calendar

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Upcoming PFS Classes

Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

January  29th 6:30pm,  PARC (1499 Queen St West, Toronto)

LinkedIn is a great tool for job searchers and an important one for networking. For many HR departments and recruiters your LinkedIn profile, how you present yourself online professionally, is more important than even your resume. With LinkedIn’s growing job search and recruitment functions, you can increase your chances of landing your next job. This workshop is a hands-on interactive course which will take you through all the functions and features of LinkedIn and get you working on your profile. A photographer will be on site to take your photo for your profile picture, and you will leave the workshop with a brand new professional LinkedIn profile. If possible, please bring a laptop or ipad and a copy of your up to date resume!

Jane Iordakieva is a Parkdale resident with nearly a decade of communications experience. She is currently a Director of Communications at Spectrum Health Care. She volunteers with a number of community organizations.

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PFS Yoga For Beginners 
Join a Parkdale Free School course!


This beginner series introduces the fundamental principles of alignment, breath work, yoga philosophy and meditation. The class will flow through a series of postures linked together by the breath. Each class will end in a 5-10min meditation. Clear verbal description and demonstration will be given to establish each student’s understanding and stability within the sequence. Functional movement will be a part of each sequence. All are welcome!

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Session 1Tuesday, January 22nd 7-8:30pm
Session 2 Tuesday, January 29th 7-8:30pm
Session 3 Tuesday, January 05th 7-8:30pm

PLEASE BRING: Comfortable clothing that allows you to move, a water bottle, and a yoga mat (If you have). Some yoga mats will be provided if you don’t have one.

The instructors are Parkdale residents Salma and Karolina. Salma has over 500 hours of YTT and is a certified high school teacher. Karolina has been a curious mover, dancer and yogi for over a decade. She holds over 500 hours of YTT.

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Israel/Palestine 101
Zionism has been viewed by many in the west as the antidote to historic Antisemitism but can also be understood as a form of settler colonialism and as an ideology that has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland. What do Canadians need to know about Zionism and Zionist arguments? What are the historical roots of Zionism and what was it responding to?

Participants will discuss readings and videos in a respectful, inclusive space, facilitated by two experienced instructors.

Sheryl Nestel holds a PhD in the Sociology of education from OISE/UT where she taught from 2000-2011. She has been a member of the national steering committee of Independent Jewish Voices since 2011 and active in radical Jewish politics since 1968. She and her family lived in Israel between 1974 and 1988.

Sydney Nestel is a husband, father and grandfather. He is the child of Holocaust survivors born in Canada who moved to Israel in 1974. He lived in Israel or 15 years, served in its army and was active in anti occupation politics. Since returning to Canada, he has been a synagogue board member and remains active in his synagogue as well as being a member of Independent Jewish Voices: a Canadian Jewish Human Rights, Anti Racism and Palestinian Solidarity organisation. He recently retired from a career in IT.

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PFS Monthly Reading Group – Radical Experiments in Land Stewardship

This monthly reading group explores the visions and strategies of movements working to expand community control over their local land and economy. Topics we are especially interested in discussing include:
– community housing movements
– indigenous approaches to land stewardship
– local food security initiatives
– anti-gentrification activist tactics
– feminist, anarchist, and/or Marxist perspectives on any and all of these issues.

For Session Three, our readings will be focusing on community land trusts — their history, case studies and relevance to different social contexts.

Please register through Eventbrite to access the readings.

Do you have something you want to share with your community? Want to help organize or promote a new vision of democratic education in your neighbourhood? Click here to learn more about becoming a PFS instructor!