The PNLT is working with our community partner Greenest City to acquire its first piece of land. The Milky Way Garden will be a community-owned urban agriculture site for Parkdale. We envision that 87 Milky Way will be a shared urban agriculture space for Parkdale. Operated by Greenest City, this space will host urban agriculture and environmental projects that increase access to healthy fresh food, while creating opportunities for environmental learning and community connections.

In the summer of 2016 successfully raised $25,500 through 188 donations from community members and business owners. We have also received a $60,000 pledge from the Echo Foundation and $20,000 from the Metcalf Foundation. Every dollar raised will go directly into the costs of acquiring and caring for the land as a community space for the residents of Parkdale that need it most.

Milky Way Garden Site Planning Process

In 2017 PNLT & Greenest City received a $46,500 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to undertake a Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan for future of the Milky Way Garden. This grant will allow us to undertake Community Consultations, Site Planning (urban design & urban agriculture site plan), and Business Planning for this site. We are currently seeking professional consulting services for this project.

RFP 1:  Urban Agriculture Site Planning 
The Site Planning consultant will develop a Site Plan (Urban Design & Urban Agriculture Site Plan) based on the community’s vision for a Shared Urban Agriculture Space for Parkdale. DOWNLOAD RFP

RFP 2: Urban Agriculture Business Planning

The Business Planning consultant will develop a sustainable business plan for Milky Way Garden. DOWNLOAD RFP

NOTE: We welcome applicants to respond to each RFP independently, as well as joint applications where a team proposes to deliver both RFP Scopes collaboratively. If you intend to respond to both RFP’s as a team please deliver a submission for both RFP’a in one submission email.

Application deadline is February 24th 2017.

Special thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation for generous support for this project.