BUILDING / UNITS:82 single-family homes and small buildings across the west end of Toronto with a total of 154 mostly family-size units.
COMMUNITY BENEFIT:Affordable rental housing for low and moderate income households, with a management focus that includes tenant involvement and emissions reduction renovations.
TENANT ACCESS:This transfer will not affect current tenants’ housing or their rent subsidy, if they receive one. Future tenant access will focus on women-led households through the City of Toronto’s Centralized Waiting List for Affordable Housing.

June 25, 2021

City of Toronto to transfer 82 of TCHC’s single family homes to The Neighbourhood Land Trust

On June 25th 2021 the City of Toronto announced that in early 2022 Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) will transfer 82 single family homes and small buildings in Toronto’s west end to The Neighbourhood Land Trust (NLT). 

“The Neighbourhood Land Trust is honoured to be partnering with the YWCA Toronto and the City to improve and steward this important social housing portfolio on behalf of communities across the west end of Toronto. Through our unique community ownership model, the Land Trust will ensure that these homes are preserved and protected as permanently affordable rental housing, while also providing tenants new opportunities to participate in decisions about their housing and community.” 

Ayal Dinner, President of the Board of Directors, NLT

The NLT will ensure that this unique social housing portfolio will be preserved as affordable housing in perpetuity; held-together in non-profit community ownership.  We are also proud to announce that we have partnered with YWCA Toronto as the social housing provider for this portfolio, to offer affordable housing opportunities for existing tenants and women-led families. To access our joint press release with the City, click here

Since 1873, YWCA Toronto has helped women and girls secure housing. The Association will continue its foundational work in affordable housing to help improve tenant-focused services, ensure the units are in a state of good repair, protect and maintain the houses as affordable permanent units, and further expand the capacity of the non-profit housing sector.

The City’s Tenants First strategy ensures this tenant-focused approach and a seamless move of ownership from TCHC to The Neighbourhood Land Trust and Circle Community Land Trust. For more information about the Tenants First strategy, visit the City’s website.

Through this historic initiative we are showing the power of the Community Land Trust (CLT) model to preserve affordable housing in our communities and build more equitable local economies! In addition, through the NLT’s community-based governance model, tenants will have new opportunities to participate in decisions about their housing as well as efforts to build more equitable communities. Tenants will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply to join a Tenant Advisory Committee to be a voice for tenants.
  • Become a member of the NLT, vote in elections and run for the Board of Directors. 
  • Participate in volunteer committees to contribute to local initiatives to build a more equitable community.
  • Attend educational events about affordable housing, community economic development and issues of social equity. 
  • Build new connections with our community of active tenants, members and community partners.

View City of Toronto Tenants First webpage and announcement.

Q & A for Tenants


Attend a Virtual Tenant Information Session (Tenants Only)

Tenants are invited to attend a virtual information session with the Tenants First team and TCHC to learn more about the transfers and to be introduced to their new landlord.

You can attend these meetings either through your web browser or by phoning in. Please join 10 minutes before the start of the information session to ensure you get in on time.

For tenants in Bundle A being transferred to The Neighbourhood Land Trust partnering with YWCA Toronto:

Wednesday, July 71 – 2:30 p.m.
Thursday, July 86 – 7:30 p.m.

You can attend online or by calling in:

Wednesday, July 7:

Thursday, July 8: