Anti-Oppression / Equity Workshops

We are very excited to invite you to register for a series of Anti-Oppression / Equity focused workshops. Attendance at these workshops is highly recommended for Board members and active committee members and mandatory for staff. We also invite active members of PPE, Greenest City, PCLS, WNH, PARC and other key partners to join.



Background:  In 2018, the PNLT Equity Strategy Committee recommended a series of workshops to lay the groundwork for a commitment to an Anti-Oppression framework across our organization. With the generous assistance of the Maytree Foundation, we will be holding a series of workshops. These workshops are not simply training, but will commence a collective process to improve the way we work together. We want to make sure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, feels valued, feels safe to contribute and is able to meaningfully participate in PNLT activities. We also acknowledge that our society does not treat all people with dignity and respect, and that inequality due to racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice continues to exist. We will aim to balance this inequality by centring voices that are often silenced and supporting them to lead. This is a vision that we will work towards together and hope to integrate into  PNLT committees, board and all operations.

Please encourage others to attend:  We invite you to think of this an opportunity to reengage with anyone who has been an active member in the past, and would be open to reconnecting through this process. We look forward to you being part of this unique opportunity to be personally involved in baking equity into our community. Please send them a message of encouragement to join this process.