PNLT’s 2018 Annual General Meeting May 26th!


Saturday May 06, 2017 at 3pm-5pm
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Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, 250 Dunn Ave.
Doors open at 2:30pm, Registration starts at 2:45pm. Event – 3pm-5pm
Food will be served. Childcare available. Tibetan interpretation available.

On May 06 2017 the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT) will host its second Annual Members
Meeting! At this event our members will elect 9 new members of the board of directors, the decision making body of this community controlled organization.

The AGM is an opportunity to participate in the decisions that the PNLT is making on your behalf. To vote at this meeting you must first become a member of PNLT by registering before April 29th. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Parkdale.


Are you interested in serving on the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT) Board of Directors, or maybe you know someone who should? Submit a nomination now.

The PNLT is a community controlled organization that is guided by – and accountable to – our members (anyone who lives or works in Parkdale). Our Board of Directors is democratically elected from and by our membership. Our next Annual General Meeting is on May 26th. At the meeting, we will vote elect 7 new board members.

We encourage nominations that will strengthen the Board in key areas. We’re looking for board members who are: (any of the following)

  • members of diverse communities that are prominent in Parkdale
  • youth (below 30) or older adults (65+)
  • immigrants, newcomers & ESL speakers
  • experienced in real estate and property development, mortgage and real estate finance, urban planning, fundraising or have contacts in donor communities.

Find out whether this role might be right for you. Get in touch with Brenda Nistor (brenda.nistor@gmail.com), and we will make sure someone gets in contact with you and tells you everything you need to know. We’ll meet with you to explain board member obligations and answer your questions.

Support the Preserve and Protect Fund for Affordable Housing in Parkdale

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We need your support.

You love Parkdale because of its diversity. You love the vibrant local businesses, the fact that it’s home to newcomers, psychiatric survivors, and other marginalized communities, the diversity and richness that comes with being in an urban community.

How can you preserve the community you love, foster its growth and protect affordable space for those that need it?

The answer is simple: support Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust.

What we will do.

With your support, the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust purchases and protects land in a community ownership model. Imagine having stable affordable housing, community gardens and green space and affordable space for local non-profit organizations. Together we can preserve the character of Parkdale and protect its residents.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 that acts as a “down payment” on property so we can secure it quickly and efficiently, or we risk losing it. Please join us with a contribution to our Preserve and Protect Fund.

The Impact.

The most significant factor in our ability to acquire land is the ability to act quickly. Once the land is secure, we can access other support including government grants and private investment to complete the purchase and develop the property according to PNLT’s needs. But without this Preserve and Protect Fund, we risk losing property, time and again. This has already happened with so many properties that would have been incredible opportunities had we been able to move quickly.

Support the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust today.

With your support, the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust will purchase and protect affordable housing in Parkdale under a unique non-profit community ownership model. Our goal is to raise $50,000 towards our first affordable housing project.

Parkdale Rooming House Study Released!


Download the Full Report  or the Executive Summary

In September 2016 PNLT commenced a seven-month study to determine the number and condition of rooming houses in Parkdale and to assess the impact of gentrification and real estate speculation on rooming house loss. The scale of what we have found—both the size and importance of this affordable housing stock and the rate at which it is disappearing—has alarmed the research team, non-profits, and City staff alike.

Our research found 198 rooming houses in Parkdale with an estimated 2,715 dwelling rooms — more than double the number of units owned by Toronto Community Housing within the study boundaries. We have also documented an escalating crisis of rooming house loss. The research confirmed that in the past 10 years, 28 rooming houses have been lost to conversion and upscaling, displacing an estimated 347 people. We believe 59 more, housing 818 people, are at imminent risk of being lost.

The continued loss of rooming houses in Parkdale will be catastrophic to the lives of hundreds of mostly low-income, vulnerable residents who depend on Parkdale’s social and community supports and are at risk of eviction, displacement, and homelessness.  We call on the non-profit and public sectors to respond urgently to this crisis.

We propose a 10-year, coordinated, multi-partner Parkdale Rooming House Preservation Strategy to preserve, maintain, and develop this disappearing stock of affordable housing. As the Federal government is poised for a reinvestment in a 10-year national housing strategy, there is no room for unkept promises.